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A detailed post on Cross-Site Publishing and the SharePoint Product Catalog

I just added another post on the Sharegate blog about the SharePoint Cross-Site Publishing Features and the Product Catalog especially. I have always wondered why I needed the catalog since the Search Web Parts I had available were already so powerful. I decided to deep dive into it and explore the features of the Product Catalog completely to see if it was worth while.
Check out the post on Cross-Site Publishing and the SharePoint Product Catalog.

Comparing the SharePoint 2013 Content Search with Search Results

I have been working with SharePoint 2013 for a while now and have been loving the Content Search Web Part. This new Web Part is only available for SP2013 Enterprise though. Unfortunately, not everyone can use it. It is also unavailable for Office 365. My quest was to see if there was an alternative to the Web Part, the one that came to mind was the Search Results.

You can find the original article here

How to edit the SharePoint 2013 Preview file for a Master Page

In a previous post, I covered the new SharePoint Design Manager by showing how to add Device Channels and Converting an HTML page into a Master Page. I then took it to the Composed Looks available for power users and showed how to create your own Composed Look. There has been one thing that I was never really 100% comfortable with and that was the Preview file for Master Pages. In this article, I want to go in depth into how the Preview file is created and how you can customize it. Continue reading

SharePoint 2013 – Design Manager – Convert HTML to Master Page

The first thing that caught my eye when I logged on to SharePoint 2013 was the Design Manager. I already introduced it shortly, talking about the Device Channels that comes with it SharePoint 2013 Device Channels – Design Manager. In the past I have focused on learning to brand SharePoint using CSS and of course the tool that we all used to integrate our CSS or new Master Pages was… SharePoint Designer. Continue reading