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A detailed post on Cross-Site Publishing and the SharePoint Product Catalog

I just added another post on the Sharegate blog about the SharePoint Cross-Site Publishing Features and the Product Catalog especially. I have always wondered why I needed the catalog since the Search Web Parts I had available were already so powerful. I decided to deep dive into it and explore the features of the Product Catalog completely to see if it was worth while.
Check out the post on Cross-Site Publishing and the SharePoint Product Catalog.

How to edit the SharePoint 2013 Preview file for a Master Page

In a previous post, I covered the new SharePoint Design Manager by showing how to add Device Channels and Converting an HTML page into a Master Page. I then took it to the Composed Looks available for power users and showed how to create your own Composed Look. There has been one thing that I was never really 100% comfortable with and that was the Preview file for Master Pages. In this article, I want to go in depth into how the Preview file is created and how you can customize it. Continue reading

Delay the hover in SharePoint dropdown menus

If you have been using SharePoint for a while now inside your company’s Intranet, Extranet or even Public site, you may have found yourself cursing at the drop down menu.

Let me explain… See, every time a user’s cursor goes remotely close to the top navigation, also called the Global Navigation, the entire drop down menu appears. This can become very annoying; especially since most SharePoint Intranets have more than three sub menu items as show in my example above. Continue reading

SharePoint 2013 – Design Manager – Convert HTML to Master Page

The first thing that caught my eye when I logged on to SharePoint 2013 was the Design Manager. I already introduced it shortly, talking about the Device Channels that comes with it SharePoint 2013 Device Channels – Design Manager. In the past I have focused on learning to brand SharePoint using CSS and of course the tool that we all used to integrate our CSS or new Master Pages was… SharePoint Designer. Continue reading

SharePoint 2013 – Navigation using Managed Metadata (Term Store)

Brand new in SharePoint 2013 is the ability to apply friendly urls to pages, goodbye to /Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=568 urls. Another huge improvement to Navigation is that we can manage it using the Term Store or Managed Metadata.

You will find the Term Store very familiar, it look and acts the same so creating terms won’t be too hard if you are used to SharePoint 2010. But in case it’s your first time, Managed Metadata means that “Terms” or words if you, will be centrally stored and managed. You can delegate the rights to manage the Term Group and provide ways of writing a word based on the language. Continue reading

Brand your SharePoint?

I have been working with SharePoint for quite some time now with SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010. Having worked on numerous projects, it allowed me to see SharePoint as a platform, which allows companies to map their business processes, build Intranets and Extranets. It changes the way people see them from outside through a Public Facing site as well as other scenarios. Throughout my personal experiences of meeting different interesting people and evaluating their unique needs, it allowed me to touch many aspects of SharePoint like Governance, Information Architecture, Taxonomy, Server Architecture, Site Architecture and of course today’s topic, Branding.

I am not a developer nor am I a graphic designer but I have lost many hours getting that Team Site, Publishing Site, Web Part and even the Search Results to look the way that I wanted.


Some questions started popping in my mind like “Why do I feel it is so important for that logo to appear exactly the way I wanted it to? Why am I spending so many hours getting the global navigation to look the way I had planned it? Why is the Quicklaunch getting a makeover right now? Why do I spend time on ?”.

And most importantly, “Why does the SharePoint Project only go into Production once it is perfectly Branded- even though it has been functional for quite some time?”

So why is it important to Brand?

Proud– As the person in charge of a Team Site, it is important for me that people that come and visit/collaborate with me on the Team Site are enthusiastic and interested. It is the same reason you always wear your favorite shoes, shirt to an important event; it is the image and feeling which it conveys which makes the item a staple of your wardrobe. Every Site Owner in SharePoint feels like their SharePoint Site is theirs.

Senses of belonging – Today, businesses have changed; they have taken very different inventive methods to give a sense of identity, of partnership to their employees. Why? Because it is believed that someone that is proud of where he works, that feels responsible or attached to his work, will use their skills and talents to their full potential. Just as large product companies develop Brand recognition through their website, it is no different with a SharePoint Site directed and used by the employees.

Would you show me your SharePoint?I started asking this question to some at the SharePoint Summit in Québec and most of them tried to either evade the question with a grin, letting me know that it wasn’t really something they were proud of or were still using the out of the box look and feel.

Why not use SharePoint as an opportunity to showcase you- change your answer to yes.

Starting to Brand SharePoint

In coming weeks I will throw myself into this mystical world of branding to better understand how to apply it in SharePoint Sites. I will take apart the Site piece by piece, and see everything that we can do to it and how. I will show you the steps I took to get something to work, but I will also share with you the problems I encounter.

A friend of mine recommended I read this article:

5 Steps to Drastically Improve Your CSS Knowledge in 24 Hours

I strongly recommend you read this article, if like me, you feel it’s time you took your SharePoint Site to the next level with Branding. Yes it takes a good day to get through, but is an easy read and very informative.

Stay in touch as we go through this Branding experience together.

But meanwhile, would you show me your SharePoint?