Specializing in Microsoft Technologies, I am always looking for new challenges. IT is wonderful because there is always something new to learn and configure.
Coaching, Training and Consulting come easily to me because I am driven to help others reach their goals.

This has led to work as a trainer for Microsoft Certified Learning Centers and recently I have been engaged in many conferences to help make SharePoint simple.

My latest and future speaking engagements

In 2013:

  • SharePoint Summit Quebec
  • SharePoint Summit Toronto
  • SharePoint Fest Denver
  • SharePoint Saturday Richmond
  • SharePoint Saturday Austin
  • SharePoint Saturday Philly
  • SharePoint Satuday Montreal
  • SharePoint Satuday Utah
  • SharePoint Saturday St-Louis
  • SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach

In 2012:

  • SharePoint Saturday Ottawa
  • SharePoint Saturday Sacramento
  • SharePoint Fest Chicago – Video: http://youtu.be/1B9XbilgggU
  • SharePoint Saturday Michigan
  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond
  • SharePoint Saturday Ozarks
  • SharePoint Saturday NYC
  • SharePoint Saturday Toronto
  • SharePoint Summit Toronto
  • SharePoint Summit Quebec
  • SharePoint Breakfast
  • SharePoint User Group Montreal

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