The NEW SharePoint Color Palette Builder Tool

In the past I covered 2 articles on the new SharePoint 2013 Composed Looks and Preview Files that mention theming and how it works:

Step-by-Step Create a SharePoint Composed Look
Understanding and Creating a Master Page Preview File

In those articles I talked about the new theming engine and how to create your own new Composed Look which was pretty cool. I also mentioned a tool that would help us build our SPCOLOR file or basically our theming file.

Our goal is to provide new color possiblities or “palettes” for the power user to choose from. Don’t forget that you can place these anywhere you want when building your own custom master page. Themes are not just for the out of the box look and feel. If I create my own Master Page and decide to allow the Power User to change the color of the top bar only, I can.


The new SharePoint SPCOLOR file builder tool

I have been waiting for this for a while, it was announced during a session at SPC12 in Vegas but never saw the day of light. This should be in everyones SharePoint Install in my opinion.

You can download it here:

SharePoint 2013 Color Palette Tool

4 thoughts on “The NEW SharePoint Color Palette Builder Tool

  1. Houston

    This is so new, no one has any info on using it. Not even Microsoft it seems. Perhaps it’s straightforward and I’m missing something…But how does one open a custom theme using this tool?

    1. Benjamin Niaulin Post author

      Yes I will try to write more as soon as I have time. Though I think you may have misunderstoof this tool. If you refer to my article on creating a Composed Look this tool is simply to open/edit/create your own .spcolor file. So you first have to go in your Master Page and create the HTML with the themed CSS as mentioned in that article. The .spcolor file is a set of color the user can apply on the themed HTML. Don’t know if that makes sense. This tool is to create said .spcolor file easily

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