Exploring Copenhagen after #ESPC13

So the conference is over and you are still in Copenhagen. Well, so am I!
A few other SharePoint people are sticking around and we decided to perhaps get together and make it an exploration day. It’s always better in a group!

I have heard a few suggestions but there is no official plan yet so feel free to make suggestions when we meet. If there is something you absolutely want to see I am sure no one will object J

The few places:

-The Mermaid (bottom of the list for most)
-Meat district in the evening (turns into restaurants and bars with bonfires in middle of the street)
-and more that I can’t think of

Usually I would set up a meetup but since you need an account and I am not sure everyone is comfortable with that or tweeting with the right mention or hashtag I thought an eventbrite might work.

Register for the event http://espc13explore.eventbrite.com

And I will send out emails tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure no one is left behind.

We will also be meeting on last day (today) of conference in community area 4:15pm