SharePoint Parties at the #ESPC13 European SharePoint Conference

Just arrived in beautiful Copenhagen for the European SharePoint Conference. I remember getting an email recently saying there was over 1500 registered attendees and that was last week. I am very excited to see all my European friends and some who have traveled from the United States or Canada like me for this conference.

European SharePoint Conference #ESPC13

For those of you here for a few days like I am; there will be a few parties organized that you can attend.

Just over a year ago I attended SPC11 in Anaheim and it can be hard to know what’s going on around the conference. Attend these events and socialize, make some friends, everyone in the this great SharePoint Community is very welcoming. So I asked on twitter and was asked to keep everyone in the loop!

SharePoint Conference Parties at #ESPC13

ESPC13 parties

Parties I know about: Axceler and Webtrends

They are getting together to put on a party on Tuesday night 8:30pm Downtown
The location is still TBD but make sure you get your ticket at their booths


Avepoint is also throwing a party on Tuesday so you will have to choose which one you are going to. You also need to get your ticket at their booth.

No one says you have to choose…. but attending both might be pushing it hehe.

Pre – Party Tuesday

Before we all head off to these parties, there will be a short evening with drinks at the Exhibit Hall (psst make sure to visit Sharegate booth šŸ˜› – shameless plug)
Drinks from 5:45pm to 7:15pm

Hangout Place

If you are not sure where everyone is – chances are we are at the Skybar connected to the Conference Center.If you see someone with their SharePoint Conference badge just reach out to them and start the conversation. We all have something in common to talk about šŸ™‚


I do believe there is a Gala on Wednesday night but it might require tickets. I will keep you posted as I find out more on this. Otherwise, guess what… we’re probably going to be at the SkyBar šŸ˜› But chances are we’ll grab transportation to the downtown area and grab some food, ping me on twitter if you want to join @bniaulin or add a comment here.

Friday explorations

Wait up Benjamin, the conference is over on Thursday. I know, I know but many of us will be sticking around town. Feel free to join us! We will be hanging around on Friday to visit Copenhagen and more. If not meet us for dinner in the evening.
I will be joining in with Christian Buckley, possibly Joel Oleson and a few others to grab dinner at a local restaurant in Copenhagen. Be sure to join us if you are still around.

Simply ping me on Twitter or drop a comment and I’ll make sure you know what’s going on.

If I did not mention your Party, I am sorry – this information is what I could find on twitter, let me know and I will update this post!


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  1. Thuan (@nnthuan)

    Hey guy! You would have to let me know clearly the Friday explorations. I’m staying at Cabinn Metro hotel near about 900m from Bella Center. Looking forward to catching you up at ShareGate booth.

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