Webinar on SharePoint Adoption Strategies – Wed, Dec 19 2012 12pm – 1:30pm EST

I saw this webinar invitation not getting enough love so I thought I would make sure everyone knows about this.

The Webinar covers strategies to drive SharePoint adoption in your organization.

If you are starting or planning on starting a SharePoint project, or even been running for a while, then this Webinar is definitely worth it.

Benjamin, why should I attend this session?

Simple, the panelists.

I have had the chance to sit in each of their sessions and not only do they know what they are talking about but they are great at sharing their information through talks.

Mark your calendar and make sure you register (More information available on the link below):



Susan Hanley

A speaker and writer on SharePoint adoption and governance topics, Susan is a recognized expert in knowledge management and implementation of successful portal solutions.

Michal Pisarek

A SharePoint MVP, Michal aspires to fundamentally change the way SharePoint is implemented around the world.

Ruven Gotz

A SharePoint MVP, Ruven has spent the past nine years delivering award winning SharePoint solutions to a wide range of clients.