Getting a Quick Win with SharePoint’s Meeting Requests

 Meeting Request Quick Wins

A Good idea to get people into SharePoint and start working with the basics of SharePoint is to use the Outlook integrated Meeting Request. This generates a SharePoint Site for an Outlook Meeting Request for the organizer to store documents. As this feature is already available in Outlook 2007 and 2010 for SharePoint it allows for a quick win in user adoption and allows users to play with SharePoint since the meeting site is theirs to play with. A good communication and procedure is of course required for this to be a quick win success.

You can easily add the button anywhere you want for quick access. This will connect to your SharePoint and create a meeting site based on the chosen template.

Cool!  It actually integrates beautifully, by adding attendees in the site’s permissions, and creating the site using the information used in outlook.

Quick Win!