Working with SharePoint Document Sets

Today I will show you how to manage your document sets in SharePoint 2010.

What is a Document Set? A Document Set is kind of a Folder on steroids, it allows you to group documents from different content types together, have it’s own metadata, versioning of all documents as 1 entity, workflows of all documents managed as 1, and best of all…  it has it’s own page per instance of Document Set created!

Huh? In SharePoint, Page means Web Parts! Video Web Parts, Images Web Parts, Content Query Web Parts, etc..

Here is the end Result of a Project Document Set:

First we need to create the Content Type from Site Settings – > Site Content Types –> Create Content Type

Then let’s create some columns:

In the Content Type Information Page click on Document Set Settings, this will bring you to a page where you will be able to share the document set’s columns with documents inside as well as choose which columns will appear on the Page as properties.

You may also click on Customize the Welcome Page to add any customizations to the page

Once you are done with your changes, click ok.

Go to the document library you wish to add your Document Set “Project” and in the Library Settings under Advanced Settings set Allow management of content types to Yes

Still in the library settings you should now be able to see your current content types, usually Document, and add yours

Now create your content:

Here is the result with out of box design:

Edit the page to add your personal touch:


Hope this helped